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Universal Newscast - Your No. 1 Source for all Universal Studios news on YouTube.

In official affiliation with DSNY Newscast, we will bring you great Universal Studios video content and analysis, 2 times a week, on Monday’s and Friday’s.

Covering Universal Studios Hollywood, Orlando, Japan & Singapore, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, City Walk, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Super Nintendo World, Theme Park Attractions in the Orlando area, Universal Movies, Food and Entertainment!!!
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I'm very excited to start going to the next level with Universal Newscast, and continue to bring you all the latest Universal Studios News.

In just 2 months, this channel has grown by 12.5k subscribers and we can't wait to give more fans their weekly round up on Universal Theme Park news.

Weather your from Hollywood, to Orlando, Japan or Singapore, we aim to bring keep everyone involved.

This Patreon is for those of you who want to help support what I’m doing,  to help allow me continue growing the YouTube channel and spread the message that Universal Newscast is for all Universal Studios Fans across the world to enjoy and debate the current topics.

**Tips are always appreciated - But never expected.**

However, I do not wish anyone to sponsor me anything you can not afford - so, please see this Patreon, more as a Tip-Jar to show your appreciation and support for all the work that goes into this channel - and if you would still like to 'TIP' me,  I would be very grateful. =)

I hope in some way that my videos help brighten up your day, and help you look forward to your next visit to the place you can relive your favorite movies.

Thanks for visiting my Patreon - and thanks for watching my YouTube Channel! =)
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