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This is the lowest tier and more of a tip jar but for contributing to the show you will get your name in the credits and my eternal gratitude. 

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Exclusive posts on Patreon! This is where I'll show behind the scene content, such as "work in progress" videos - which includes sneak peaks, previews of my art/3D and also some bonus videos! You also gain access to a special role in my Discord server called "Yuu-Stars". 

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When you pledge $20, you'll gain access to a very special role in my Discord server called "Red-Stars" which will let you access private text and voices channels where you (among other Red-Stars) can talk directly with me and you'll get a cool red coloured name on my server for them bragging rights.

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About Yuusha

So you found my Patreon!

Just in case you stumbled in here by accident... I'm Scott Duncan, but you can call me Yuusha!

 "Unlikely Yuusha" is a channel where I post game reviews, which combine my skills as an artist and 3D animator and my love for gaming as a whole, Unlikely Reviews are the heart and soul of the channel but on top of these I also do Top 10 videos and a weekly vlogging series called "Yuusha Rewind".

But YouTube isn't all I do! I'm also an artist who enjoys designing T-shirts and generally illustrating things which look cool, I'm currently developing a comic which I hope to see begin production very soon!

"Why am I on "Patreon?", you ask? Well unfortunately, we live in world dictated by money which means I have to work in order to pay the bills/eat, having recently lost my job I'm going to be focusing 100% on YouTube and Art so if you'd like to help support me and in turn the channel consider pledging and we can work towards making something great, together!

Thank you for reading this, I hope to see your name in the credits of my next video!
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Road Trip Adventure Review REDUX

Yes you read that right, if I hit this amount per month I will take another look at Road Trip Adventure and analyse every detail!
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