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Hi, and welcome to UnrealDnD!

Have you ever struggled with having the perfect map ready at a moment's notice for your tabletop role playing games? Maybe your group decided to walk the opposite direction you expected, or maybe the barbarian decided to punch the mayor, leading to an impromptu fight. Or maybe your rogue wants to know exactly how far away the baron's gold-laden pockets are, and what obstacles are in his way to get at them. As a DM myself, I found setting up- or even hand drawing- maps for my seven battle-hungry players to be quite the challenge. That's when I realized I needed something better than what a simple map making program could provide, and started making my own maps within a 3D engine. This has led to better communication within the group, and has made my job as a DM considerably easier, as my group no longer needs to double check with me on many of the battle details. Instead, they can visualize most of what they need in a moment's notice. Since I started tinkering with mapmaking in the 3D space, I started making higher quality still images, as well as some animations. An example of my animation style is above, along with my cover photo and profile picture as a quick glance at a few of my maps. Please enjoy the free Tavern map as another sample of my work! 

For now, I have several custom map packs I am excited to share with you all, including taverns, churches, futuristic cities, and more. All maps will come with gridded 1080p still images and animated mp4 files. To use, just open it in windows media player or any other video player and select "loop video." The battlefield is ready! 

I strive to provide more and higher quality content for subscribers each and every month, and I am so excited for you to have UnrealDND maps as part of your adventure!

Thank you for checking out my page- please look around!

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At this goal, I'll provide a free Ultra High Quality Boss Battle map! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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