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About The Unseen Hour

The Unseen Hour is a live theatre show and a podcast.

It is performed in front of an audience as live radio theatre. The recording of the show is then released as a podcast.

The Unseen Hour is a absurd horror-comedy fiction in which three actors perform multiple roles, and make live sound effects. Each episode also features guest performers contributing a five minute monologue and live music.

Our basic costs for each episodes are props, publicity, and, most importantly, paying the people who contribute. As we've set up the show we have started to acquire various things that make different noises. Some of them are single use, like cabbages. Some of them are trusty friends, like the bell. Some of them are hand made by James Carney, like the door box, wind-machine and creak-box. Those latter ones are largely made from scrap wood, but with a few extra bit bought for them.

We pay the performers and contributors a small fee (not enough, but as much as can be covered by box office from the live show). Everyone involved in the show is a professional working in this difficult industry and trying to make ends meet. With a little help from here we could increase the payment of our performers and guests as well as covering basic costs like the website, advertising, materials for props and venue hire.

So far, making the show takes up all my spare time, but badges and access to the scripts of the episodes are available.
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This will allow us to pay the guest acts without losing money. Once we reach this goal we can start thinking about extra content!
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