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My thanks. Every little bit helps, so don't think you'll go unappreciated!
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Shout Out! I'll personally thank you and attempt to pronounce your name on streams.
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Tell me what to play! I'll do most any game, unless it's like some gore simulator or something. I'll do at least six episodes (unless it's very short, obviously) or a stream, and assuming all goes well, I'll continue as long as it's proving at least entertaining to the fans.




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About Uratoh

I love making Let's Plays. I've been at this for years, and am unlikely to stop...but your support will also let me focus on making the best quality content I can, put out regularly, with three videos a week and a stream on Sundays. I like to do honest reactions to games as I'm playing them, and tend to go for the 'Pointy Clicky' Adventure Games and Metroidvanias when left to my own devices, but will play most anything suggested or donated.

My channel's https://www.youtube.com/user/Uratoh42 and remember, if it isn't a blue space cow, it's not the real Uratoh!
$5 of $50 per month
Better Microphone, non terrible headset, new controller, that sort of thing...this goal'll be going away once I've upgraded my computer's periphery nonsense.
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