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Hi everyone! I am UrbEx ~ a normal boy named Dennis, 24 years old and currently studying informatics. I love to create games as well as going out searching for inspiration while exploring abandoned places. My goal is to offer most of my games for free and avoid DLC and microtransaction meta. I also want to make sure that everyone who's playing my games is able to enjoy a special experience.

Micro-transaction, DLC's and pay2win?
Back in my days there wasn't something like that. Games like "Time Splitters™" offered more than 150 unlockable Characters ~ Now, can you imagine 150 characters as buyable dlc's? Back then I just loved to unlock all of the contents or getting new outfits after finishing "Resident Evil 3" - nowadays developers are forced to build DLC's or microtransactions.
I’m here to end this and you can help me!

So what about my games?
The games I create will have many contents which you‘re able to unlock without any dlc’s or microtransactions. Depending on the game there will be different, laboriously designed endings as well as some special endings only a few `chosen‘ players will be able to enjoy. As you can see - I’m all about individual gaming experience and additional to the different endings, there’ll also be different routes and random events occuring during the game. Not even Let’s Plays or your friends will be able to spoiler you completely due to a low chance of achieving the very same ending. And that means you’re free to enjoy the game without knowing what’s going to happen.

What are my games about?
I love Horror! My fascination for the genre is literally haunting me and I often end up exploring graveyards and abandoned places in order to gather own impressions and inspiration. So you can expect me to mostly create horror games, but I’m also interested in many other genres so just wait and see.

"You dont have to Pay for something you dont like"
Everyone knows it: You buy a game and instantly regret doing so due to an unpleasant gameplay. But the money is gone and the anger leads to despair. That’s why I want to offer my games for as free as possible to avoid the risk of regret and the possibility of spoilers through Let’s Plays. But to turn this idea into reality I do need some support. Teach the world how payment should work and that is that you just have to buy if you like it and want see more.

Business model
It’s quite easy: You just have to play my games for free and if you enjoyed it and feel like you want to support me you’re free to donate or become one of my patreons. As everyone knows, an unnecessary paywall’s never been a hindrance for some crackers to get the game without paying.

What’s my motivation to earn money?
Im not that kind of guy that needs a new smartphone or buying a coke after eating outside, not only because i can't.
I don’t really need it, because I know how to live with just a small amount of money.
But I want to give financial aid to my family and friends and with that, to concentrate on game-design even more.

What am I going to do with the donations?
  • University fees
  • Better software to ease and fasten the workflow and quality improvement
  • Common assets (for example forest-pack, small props and other stuff that doesn‘t have to be unique)
  • Steam greenlight
As you can see, the money will basically help me to concentrate on my passion for game-design.

Find me on

$2.46 of $10 per month
I can finally tell my mom that I earn money from my passion! Thank You!
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