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About Urbandoned

We are two urban explorers, Reece and Alistair, that have been capturing abandoned buildings beauty around the UK since 2015. Following our explores, we make documentary styled videos on our YouTube channel that showcases the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration.

We find that every building has a story to it's current abandoned state and we think it is interesting to give it the recognition it deserves through our videos. The quality of our documentaries is very important to us because we want our viewers to share the same exciting experience as we do when we explore these buildings.

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We are constantly looking towards the next piece of equipment that allows us to create even better content but we've found that as we improve the quality of our videos more and more, the price increases as well. We would love to improve our cameras, lenses and editing software to maintain the highest possible standards.

In addition, we are only teenagers and not at an age where we can drive a car. Therefore, travelling costs a great deal. We are willing to go on some longer trips soon to document some amazing places and this is only an option with your support.

Remember: All of the money donated will be donated to our videos. It will not be used for anything else.

We appreciate any generosity to our channel and we want to reward any one that supports our work. Check out the rewards section to see what you can get for donating.

Thank you for your support even if it means just watching our videos. We are excited to see what we can create for you guys in the near future <3

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