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About Urist McDorf

Hi! My name is Semyonov Ilya, but you can call me Urist McDorf. I make mods and aspire to be a game designer. My mods focus on gameplay over historicity and realism, and I prefer small and compatible over total overhauls and the like. I'll be posting reports on my current mod's progress here.

Now, currently, I am only making mods for one particular game, that being Crusader Kings II. If you're not familiar with it, go check it out - it's an awesome medieval dynasty simulator that does a lot of things right that other grand strategy games don't; my mods are probably not yet for you, but I'm not going anywhere. If you are, read on.

I've released three tiny mods so far:
  • The poorly named Just Sea-bound Pirates, which makes the pirate traits available for every religion that follows the Sea-bound doctrine, no longer limited by a synergy of Sea-bound and Daring.
  • Limited Imperialism, which limits the creation of de jure empires to late game, based on technological levels. This should limit blobbing and increase the difference between early game and late game.
  • Horse Arrest, which makes it so that when you're putting a horse under house arrest, it reads "Put in Horse Arrest". Perhaps unsurprisingly, this dumb pun eclipses the other two in popularity.
Right now I'm working on a bigger mod, Hellenic Pantheon, which will add the Greek/Roman deities as an off-map power to interact with, complete with the power dynamics of quarrelling over the high god's position.

Your contributions, if any, would be welcome. They might help me devote more time to creating those mods. I'm not sure which project I'll tackle next after Hellenic Pantheon, but I'll be posting and updating a list of options which you can provide your input on - I've got plenty of ideas to work with.

This Patreon page will be a little underdeveloped for the time being. Before devoting more time to planning out tiers and rewards and whatnot, I want to first make sure the model has any merit at all for me. It'll likely stay that way until Hellenic Pantheon is first released to the public. Once it is, I will review things and probably improve the page.

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