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Since reaching my 200 followers mark on Twitch and 100 followers on Instagram, I've been thinking. I don't just want to stream for myself but for all my followers too. Each of you that follow me and watch my Twitch channel help me in a such great way. I want to do more for my little Furrballs. Yes, that's what I call my followers. Don't judge me. lol
I want to connect with you all now so I can stay connected to you all as I grow. Correction as "We" grow. Because your support and your time is just as important to me as my stream. I want to play games with you. I want to chat with you. I want you to enjoy the time you have to the best of your ability, because once that time is spent, you cannot get it back. The time I spend with you all is time I cherish. I want you to be able to cherish it too.
So, here on my Patreon there is a list of tiers. As well as their rewards for the support that you give to the Furrball community. Any support whether it's sharing my stream with others or tiny donations helps us grow. Which leads to getting better equipment as well as more games. Even better yet, more rewards that I can give to my Furrballs in the future.
Signed and marked with Hugs
Your Trash Queen of the Furrballs, Usani  <3  <3 

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I'll be able to get better equipment and a game or 2 each month to stream so there's new content for you guys!!  
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