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is creating Costumes and Accessories, Knitting, and Jewelry
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About Samantha Potter

I am a college student that is taking her passion to the books, I'm majoring in fashion design and development and I wish to be a professional costume designer after I get my degree.

This all started out as a hobby, doing different types of art in my spare time, now I couldn't imagine my life without it. I first began hand-sewing and learned about upcyling clothes and made my own halloween costumes, but I have grown so much since then. I can make a costume from scratch fabric and it all turns out beautifully. 

Problem is that it's expensive and timely and as a college student those are both things that are hard to have, I came to this site seeking support so i can live out my dream, and help others to live theirs as well, there's always gonna be a kid out there thats wants to pretend they're a super hero but they don't have anything to wear for it, and that's where I come in. I really want to be able to swoop in and save someone's day, and making people happy saves mine.
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When I reach my goal of a $1,000 per month I would finally be able to make costumes and accessories for children in the hospital, those with special needs, needy kids in other countries, or those simply can not afford one. Whether it be a halloween costume or just one of something that would make them happy, to shine light for a brighter and more sparkly tomorrow.
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