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About UtsavMusic

Hi everyone Utsav this side. :D

I am a youtube musician from India working as a guitar instructor and studio musician. I work on projects that aims at spreading the message - "Why Compete...When You Can Collaborate! " by organising collaborative guitar jams which features musicians from all over the world. Apart from that, i am also working on original music as well as some kickass high quality covers.
I would like to thank you for visiting my Patreon profile and supporting the YouTube Channel. By becoming a patron you are helping me in practically uncountable ways. These funds pay for Studio gear, production costs, marketing & promotional costs, basic necessities and all the other costs that are a part of making videos,including getting my studio work and editing work done by sound engineers and video editors respectively.

What is Patreon?
Consider it a super susbcribe button. Patreon is a platform where people support their favourite artists by contributing a nominal amount to the budget set by the artists to make quality content for their susbcribers/followers/Patrons.
Patrons individually decide on a certain amount of money (atleast/usually $1) which gets donated to the artist they are supporting automatically at the beginning of every month. You can set a monthly limit (even $1) and cancel patronage at any time.
In return of your support, you get tons of rewards - free mp3s, personal one-on-ones, early access to content, BTS footage, unreleased footage, work-in-progress clips and other perks. Check out the reward tiers and choose whichever you like!

I am extremely grateful to all my patrons who allow me to have a reliable source of funding for these projects. This opens up tremendous opportunity to make better material and make it far more often. I assure you that this is just the beginning. I have tons of plans for the future and can only execute them once you believe in me and become a part of this musical journey.

Thanks a lot for the continuous support. <3
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This will help me pay the sound engineers for getting my tracks mixed and help me to pay the graphic designers to get official posters made for my upcoming projects.
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