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About Vanilla Gorilla Animations

Hello! I'm a stopmotion/claymation animator creating short stories for kid's youtube channels and looping videos for brand's social media pages as well as some irreverent content that abstractly and methodically dismantles pop culture. I'm completely self taught and first tried animation on the app Vine. Once I discovered my passion for clay and animation, I began sculpting a path to make it my craft and career.

It isn't always easy though. Much of what I do is at my own expense. I always need help purchasing more materials like clay and wood, equipment like camera lenses and tripods, as well as things like software to upgrade what I'm capable of accomplishing. If you're rich AF, help a struggling artist out! If not, just help me out by watching some of my videos and telling your friends! If you would, join me on my journey to create some weird and interesting stuff made of clay and bringing it to life. If you have any questions or are an aspiring stopmotion animator, please contact me!