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is creating YOUR FAVORITE TAPES ONLY FUNNIER (acrylic on wood)

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 You've basically just paid for my hooks, or half of a paint-pen, or mailing tape. All this little stuff really adds up. Thank you so much for supporting me!

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By being my sponsor for $5, you are basically paying for my lunch for the day. It's awesome. Thank you.

Please post on my message board and pick a tape for me to paint this month! Any tape- I'll paint it, just for your amusement.

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on someone’s advice, I added this tier so that for only $10 a month, you get 5 paper prints in the mail. They are made on a thick cardstock (like trading cards) the same size as a vhs. These are different from my regular prints (paper glued onto wood blocks) and cheaper to collect! 




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Hey folks, I'm VHS GIRL, a nerd in her early 30s who was apparently born inside a Blockbuster. Since I was old enough to put a tape in a VCR, I've been obsessed with TV and movies. Sure, there's other analog formats, but Beta Girl just doesn't command that kind of power.

Anyway, subscribing to me (even for a $1) helps me from grinding the wheel so hard doing social media to make those sales, and more time to do what I really want to do, paint a VHS tape on wood and add the taglines that should have been on the box in the first place. I like to speak to myself from the 90s, perusing the local video store, trying to figure out what to rent. So far, I think other people are into it too.

Check out  http://www.instagram.com/vhsgirl for completed works and become my patron to see behind the scenes stuff I don't post anywhere else!

2016 Miami Basel
2017 LA art fair
repping 24/7 at Red Truck Gallery in New Orleans 

$29 of $200 per month
Money for dental/health insurance.  I would really love to paint all the time, and as independent artists go, income is different each month so it's hard to have the things that really matter most when you're budgeting for a rainy day. I could always stop painting and get a full-time job in an office, but that honestly sounds like a nightmare now that I've been painting for three years and have been making enough money to get by paying rent with my artwork! So helping with insurance really takes the stress off and allows me to do what I wanna do, everyday (PAINT!!!!)
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