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Hey everyone!

Since my childhood,
I had the dream of creating my own video games, especially Mario Games!
And finally,four years ago, I first started creating custom stages for New Super Mario Bros. Wii!
This was the first step for me, towards my dream of creating my own game!
I started creating stages in less than 10min, but they were very awful! So I brought in a friend and we started to do this thing together, with higher quality than before, but not good enough for me!
I insisted to reach my dream, so back in 2016, I had the idea of creating my a full Modification of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and wrote a full script about the stages, the contents etc. and started the Project, and published the first trailer of it in 2017.
Back there, it still had not very good quality, because I couldn't afford, and still can't afford working long hours on it without making my life harder.
I'm a normal student who studies computer science, and most of my time, work and money is spent for my studies.
But still I decided to increase the quality of the project drastically, although it means to invest more time in the creation of the project, especially in researching (how some mechanics or files work) and the most important task:
In designing the mod besides my studies.
My dream is to create high quality modifications for free, and to accomplish this I'm investing as much time as possbile. I'm not making money with YouTube, and I'm studying. Economically, this is very stupid what I'm doing, but I want to fulfill my dream and this is why I created this Patreon page.
By supporting me and my friend here you are not only making our lives way less stressful but you actually help us produce more high quality video game content.

And even if you don't support us, we will still create Modifications for free.
This gives us personal freedom and it makes us a bit happy.

What are we doing with your money?

Well besides the fact that we are not earning money with YouTube and creating the mods, we have real life jobs and studies to do.
By supporting us on Patreon, you give us the opportunity to gain a bit more economical freedom and to have a life with less stress so we can invest more time in our passion, t create mods for free, for you!

You would also create the opportunity for us to make a own Website, where you can easily download the mods!
Supporting us could also help us affording more time to create mods of other games, like Super Mario 3D World.

Thank you for your support! We appreciate it more than you can imagine and we are very thankful!
It really helps us out!

[The intro video always shows the trailer of our project we are currently working on. This is now the trailer I mentioned before, back from 2017, a new update trailer will hopefully come soon. Thank you for your patience!]
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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