Virtual Reality For All Inc.

is creating a VR Center in Arlington, TX
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Full membership to VR4All Arlington! Its like a gym membership, but instead of treadmills and dumbbells its Vives and Rifts and more!!! 
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About Virtual Reality For All Inc.

Virtual Reality For Al (VR4All) is a membership based VR center in Arlington, TX
Open 6pm-11pm T W Th F S S
Membership is only $30/month and is limited so sign up today!
We have 6 VR stations with high end gaming PCs and equipment for recording and streaming too!

Not in the Arlington area but want to support us? Sign up to join our community discord for only $5/mo and ask us anything about VR!

$0 of $2,000 per month
Rent and Utilities are covered! 
When we reach this goal we'll add another VR setup, have members vote on what hours we'll be open and other policies like reservations! 
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