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VRS © is the first complex project related to design, on all scales of the design industry, we are engaged in everything that can give status and a worthy style to you and your creation.
The history of the project started with simple but creative drawings in "TD2" then we were called the loud name "Tuning Center - STAGE - 3". Over time we weren’t satisfied only what we are doing and were interested in creating modifications for the game.
For the first time we studied the market of this direction after which we studied the necessary software and began active operations.
To start we modified and modified the existing fashion, after which we started to produce our own line of cars. With each new project released, we replenished the stock of experience popularity and customers.
Since January 14, 2014 "STAGE - 3" was renamed "VRS Autotraiding" with this name we stayed for a year and lasted until December 2014. After that our activities were suspended and part of the team was divided in opinions.
But that the life of the "VRS" was not stopped, we had to look for other ways for further existence. And thanks to our friends from the auto club "The First Capital - Drive2", who had an auto show, and called "Battle Auto Clubs Drive2". Since we had experience in working with graphic editors, it was suggested to make for them printing mock-ups of gratitudes, letters of commendation, diplomas etc.
After the successful holding of the event, other auto clubs began to contact us, as well as part of the sponsors helping in the organization.
Since then the direction "VRS DESIGN ©" was born. Two years later, the polygraph mock-ups were restored and work in the sphere of modding was established, throughout the time until period from September to November. Since the two roads could not be on the same plane, it was decided to divide them into separate ways. Thus, to ensure that visitors and customers are not confused in our areas, a branch was created, as well as a new symbolism, under the name "VRS IMPERIUM ©".
To date, "VRS IMPERIUM ©" is moving at the same pace as before and it's not going to slow down the pace. We continue to look for new planes for new roads and new moves forward.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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