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+ Art Tips/Mini Tutorials

+ Tip-offs to when I'll be posting YCH's, Auctions, Adopts, and Open MAP's 

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Just for those that wanna give a lil extra. <3 You're all good noodles.
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The name's VT. I make those pretty-like pictures and emotional animations and stories. I'm working towards a future where I can provide my audience as much content as possible and grow myself as an artist. Any support goes towards college debt, food, rent, monthly bills, and art equipment.
I'm currently the co-writer on an ongoing story called "The Harvester," and I'm a freelance Illustrator, Animator, and hobbyist writer and game designer. [Point-and-Click adventure games] I'm in the works of planning an ongoing animation project where I re-animate shots from popular cartoons in my own, traditional-animation style.

Even one dollar a month helps.
In return for your generous help, I offer exclusive content, sneak-peeks, commission discounts, private livestreams and art tutoring, and other goodies. Through your support, I strive to provide you as much good stuff as I can, including free releases of any of my future videogames, art tutoring and tips, and platforms for you to share your own content.

Overall goals: Regularly scheduled streams, steady output of content, Private Art Tutoring livestreams and lessons, and eventually, being able to get out on my own.
Patron Rewards: Art raffles, private art tutoring, tutorial videos, a mention at the end of each of my new animations, Patron-only polls, early access to my videos and WIP's, access to game demos, when those start happening, and even free, guranteed art!

Regardless of if you support me monthly for the price of a soda, commission me, or support me with encouragement, you're all awesome.
Here's to years of future content and sharing more of my world with you all!
Cheers, loves.~

Pledge reward ToS:
* Discounts can only be applied to up to 7 commissions a month, on all commission types except comic pages, reference sheets, Adoptables, Auctions, and animations.
** These rewards only apply to when the related GOAL has been met. these are not immediate unless the listed goal is already reached.
Art rewards DO NOT STACK. Patrons must claim their rewards before the 15th of each month.

General ToS:
Keep an eye on your email. I frequently communicate with Patrons via messages or direct emails, often with limited time for responses.
Fraudulent Patrons will not be tolerated, and will receive permanent blocks.
I withhold the right to deny rewards to a patron if it seems they are abusing the systems, rewards, discounts, etc. Attempting to garner free art and then charge back/cancel your pledge will result in a one year ban from my Patreon and my services. Do not abuse this.
Sharing Patron rewards with non-Patrons, for the purpose of giving others free content to avoid pledging, is strictly prohibited. If it is discovered you are doing this, you will be denied your rewards and may have your patron status revoked.
Limits and rewards can and will be adjusted if the test period [October'17 to October '18] shows them to be unsustainable.

Art requests and free tier rewards CANNOT be NSFW.
[Current Patreon trailer/video is a placeholder. Credits for the sketches of Tiers 1&2's icons go to my good friend Chillachompers.]

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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