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Hello! My Name is Nelson A Jr and i am the Sole Creator, Owner and Promoter/Marketer Of The New Facebook Page Viral Video Gaming Which is a Personally Funded Advertising Gaming Facebook Page with 8 thousand Followers and Growing!! I Made this FB Page to Support Gamers Build their Following by Bringing Traffic Straight to their Gaming Content. I have made it My Job to Help Increase Gamers Streaming Viewers and Direct Views to Their YouTube, Twitch, Social Media and Console Accounts. My Job is to take People Content and Create MINI Previews of their Montage, Funny Clip, 1 vs 1, Rage Quits, Commentary, etc. If you Checked Out the Intro Video and the 2 other Videos Posted on here, that's an Example of the Editing work i do for the People Who Send in Content. I Take Random Clips of their Gameplay and Edit them into One Video With Music. Then i take their Preview/Trailer Content With Links to their Full Video and All their Channels and Advertise it by Putting My Own Money into Properly Promoting their Gaming Content to the Right People Who Will Most likely enjoy Their Type of Content and Earn a New Viewer/Subscriber to Their Channel. My Goal is to Support EVERYONE Who Sends in a Video and get Their Video at least 10 thousand or More Views. I Have Spent 600$+ Out of my Pocket In Advertising on People From Around the World Who Send In Their Gaming Content and i am going to continue to Spend More! I Love The Feedback i have been Getting Helping People See their Content and Helping them Get New Subscribers. So i Have Now Created This Page for Gamers who would like to Join My Exclusive Patreon Gaming Page! On here You Can Get Access To All the Gaming Content before it Is Posted on our Facebook and Youtube and be the first to Check it out Without having to wait! That is for the 1$ a Month Tier. All Money From this Page Will go into Further Advancing Editing Skills For Peoples Content and Will Go towards Advertising their Content. There Will be More Tiers/Rewards Coming Soon as the Page Grows! Here is the link To The Viral Video Gaming Page, Check out the Content that has been Created by Me and Other People who sent in the Gaming Montages -
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