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Gain the rank important person within my discord yay! 

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Gain the rank VIP within my discord and gain access to new channels and discussions about games and what ones i should stream! 

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Gain the rank ULTRA VIP within my discord and gain access to direct discussions between me and you and discussions between my friends! This allows you to really get your point across to me and for you to express your thoughts! 

Although there is not much to offer at this rank other than what I mentioned before, get the previous one instead lol d:

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About Vaarl

Welcome to my patreon!

This is so I can afford to buy equitment / games for my videos and streams!
Though I will spend it on other things if I do not have any goals currently! 

If you decide to support me, GO YOU! 

you will receive discord tiers within my discord server as thats all I can really offer at the moment, I'll think of more! 

$0 of $80 per month
For me to buy an el gato or other capture devices so I may stream / record ps3 games and switch games perhaps as well as being able to stream persona 5 which requires you to have one else you can't record it! 
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