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I've been playing Minecraft since early Alpha, just a little bit before the Nether was implemented into the game. Over the many years of playing the game, I've dabbled in different aspects of creating content within the community such as, videos, maps, mods, tutorials, and texture packs. As of now, I've come to identify myself mainly a resource pack maker and a video creator. Currently, I make all kinds of Vanilla & Faithful based add-on packs to improve the look and feel of the game for both myself, and others.

I put a considerable amount of time into my projects, all of which is freely available to download. Supporting me helps keep me motivated and on task so I can continue to work on my current or future projects.

Main Links

Links to my social media and Minecraft related pages.
- I make videos of my resource packs and other things on this channel.
Twitter - I usually spoil some new stuff I'm working on here.
Soundcloud - I upload all my music stuff here.
Planet Minecraft - This is where public downloads to my works are.
Curse Forge - Alternative public download links are uploaded here.

Google Document Links

Detailed information for my resource packs using Google Docs.
Detailed documents on my packs coming soon!

Pack Links

Direct links to each of my main resource pack threads.
Vader's Alternative Block Pack - Vanilla add-on
Vader's Alternative Faithful Pack - Faithful add-on
Vader's Stacked Items Pack - Vanilla add-on
Plain Wood Doors Resource Pack - Vanilla add-on
Dirty Bricks Resource Pack - Vanilla add-on
Faithful Dirty Bricks - Faithful add-on

Q: Where can I find more information about Patreon?
A: Check out Patreon's FAQ section for just about any question you may have about Patreon.

Q: When will I be charged?
A: You'll be charged at the beginning of each month.

Q: Can I change or cancel my pledge amount at any time?
A: Yup, of course! If you plan on doing so, please make sure you do it before the the monthly charge if you don't want to be accidentally charged (see above question for when that is).

Q: How long does it take you to make a new resource pack?
A: From concept to first release, it can take anywhere from 1-4 months. This time period is mostly dependent on how long I focus on each phase of development. Development usually consists of the following;
1. Planning & Testing - During this time I make sure that my end goal for the pack is possible either in Vanilla or with the help of Optifine, then start working on concepts until it turns out how I plan.
2. Texture Development - This is when I start working on core textures, I tend to come up with many of my ideas while I work. In a way, it's a big game of connect the dots, I'll work on say a texture for dirt, which when done then gives me an idea related to stone. I try to make a few hundred textures before I move on to anything else. The pack is then compiled into a complete state.
3. Checklist - I always go back through everything I've made and make sure there isn't anything else I want in the initial release before what comes next. I find programs like Notepad++ and Google Documents help me stay organized and on task the most. (Here's an example of the Google Document I used while I was making Vader's Alternative Faithful Pack)
4. Thread Planning - Once I have everything all done in a resource pack, I move onto planning out all the information, images, and assets I'll make an use for the main threads. This tends to be the most tedious part of development since I could miss something important very easily. I like to take my time so it can be of the highest quality I can produce.
5. Video Production & Reddit - To help showcase a new pack, I will usually make a detailed video showcase on it along with a well thought out Reddit post explaining what it's about. I write scripts for my videos and revise it multiple times before moving onto recording and editing. This is to ensure the information I'm providing is both simple yet informative to the point. The Reddit post is prepared while I start editing the packs thread, then both are updated at about the same time. (An example of the editing that goes into one of my videos)
6. Final Checklist - Making sure I have everything in order and is easily understandable is a key factor I take into consideration when making a new pack. I want to make it's main features and functions clear to any of the younger users who may happen to stumble upon it.
7. Pack Release - Once I have everything finalized, I upload and update all threads and posts at the same time, then hit that submit button and rest for a few days while answering all kinds of questions people may have. This is basically the whole process I go through when making a resource pack, it's a lot of work but tons of fun.

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