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Hi! My name is Valency Genis and I create one-of-a-kind faux taxidermy creatures out of epoxy clay and more! I tend to hermit away in my studio far too often, so this is my way to reach out and spread my joy (and my art!) 
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Full access to my Patreon posts! I do love me some social media, but I'm not completely happy with Facebook or Instagram - they are just a necessary evil. I'm hoping to use my Patreon page to post ALL  ABOUT what I'm working on, my process, my studio - there is so much to share!! I plan to post at least on daily update, maybe more...
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I'd love to be able to create full sized LARGE animals, but the materials are quite expensive. With help from amazing patrons, I'll be able to create giant creatures. Maybe I could eventually make my own 'zoo,' and you could help... 
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