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About ValiantAMM

ValiantAMM here! Greetings, and welcome to my patreon!

In case you're wondering what creating comedy, story, and analysis videos entails, here are some brief explanations!

Comedy -- Goofy, light-hearted content. This can range from live-action skits to poorly drawn animations to just about anything else. As long as it makes someone laugh, it qualifies. An example:

Stories -- I enjoy writing and making stories! Right now this has mostly been relegated to modding DDLC to make custom dialogue videos, but I expect to branch out more in the future. An example of my DDLC videos:

Analysis -- Sometimes, something I watch, read, or listen to inspires me enough that I want to share it with someone else. (Or maybe it bugs me so much that I want to rag on it for a bit.) Either way, I enjoy exploring the themes of a work and the parallels I can draw with my own life experiences and interests.

[No example here yet, but my first big project is on the way.]

I'm just a hobbiest video creator, but I put a lot of myself into my work and I would love any support you can give me. Thank you!
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Basically Famous
I will feel much better about myself. I mean, someone's actually giving me money to keep making stuff? Dang. 
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