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Hi my name is Brendin Sulkey, since i was 7 years old I always had a knack for gaming. I started with Everquest where i taught myself to read in order to play, then at 12 when WoW was released i transitioned over to that, and quickly fell in love with hardcore raiding. I joined the best guild on ny server and then was eventually recruited to a top 5 in the US guild where we raided 5 to 7 days a week in order to get world firsts. 

I fell in love with the difficulty, the race, and bringing so many people together in order to accomplish 1 goal. Though with transitioning from High School into College, i did not have the time anyone. I began playing for xbox where I eventually found a game called Skyforge where i currently run the top guild on the server, all while trying to get my bachelors in Simulation. Animation, and Gaming.

I started streaming Skyforge to help out the newer players by visually showing them routes and methods. It was then i fell in love with streaming. I now will stream whenever i get the chance, unfortunately after getting laid off from my job while juggling my commandership role, school,  and streaming. It has been harder to do the things i love with money always being the deciding factor when it comes to if i have the time to entertain.

i love to stream, i get so much love from people when i do stream, and i would like to grow myself into one day being able to sustain off of this thing i love, as of right now getting no revenue through streaming makes it tough.

i currently stream on
though eventually would like to transition to a different platform that i could get revenue on when i getthefunds for a computer upgrade.
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