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About VampyreBlue

Hello there! I'm Alycia. You may also call me Blue, if you wish. I am a student that aspires to be a writer so that I can share the fantastical world of supernatural and fantasy based stories while also trying to spread some representation for the LGBTQ+ community in the form of writing.

Why do I write?
Because I've always enjoyed telling stories. Ever since I was a little girl, I would love to share stories that I heard from others or watches from movies and TV shows. Sometimes, I would even create my own. Then, around middle school, I began to write. Ironically, I use to hate reading and writing up until that point, but there were just never any books I really enjoyed reading until I found one series I found particular interesting. The series was Warriors, a collaborative work by several authors who chose to all go by the name Erin Hutner. While Warriors is a children's book, it was still a series that created a world for the characters that was unlike our own and I was amazed this fantastical environment that was created that just centered on feral cats. For years now, I have developed my own characters and worlds and I finally think its time I share my own stories with the world, so that maybe I can amaze other people like how Warriors amazed me.

What is the focus on LGBTQ+ representation?
I do not consider myself a political-minded person, but I am still aware of the many social issues that plague society and I want to do something about it. I don't see myself as the type of activist that would organize protests or enter some sort of political career. I do not think I would enjoy those sorts of things and I do not think I have the skills required to be successful in that type of activism. However, I know I have a skill when it comes to writing and I know representation is something that is desperately needed in the community. Being a lesbian myself and having many friends who are also apart of the community, I want to do my part and if I am able to combine my love for writing and the love for my community into one, then maybe I can make this world a better place. At least a little.
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One of the first steps of many, it is great to know that I have enough support to continue doing what I love. I will continue to work to improve my writing to provide more for my readers.
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