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Welcome to my Patreon, here you can expect exclusive content from my projects, updates, chats with me and more! This page is for those who would like to give me some extra support!

A little bit about me!

My ame is Vampy and I'm from Dublin, Ireland, I'm 20 years old and have been cosplaying since late 2015 (only a newb). My first love growing up was Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy (thanks to my sis) im into a lot of different fandoms (lets chat about them sometime <3) Lately I've been getting into more Japanese media, games, television and anime. 
I'm currently studying full time at university doing Modelmaking, Digital effect and Design! I currently support myself fully with a part time job but being a student is expensive and money issues tend to hinder my ability to make the content I want! I'm hoping Patreon is a handy tool that helps me do what I love doing while getting through university. Thank you so much for coming to my Patreon and helping support my work and i hope i can give you something back <3

To create the type of content i want i need to be able to buy professional lighting, a better camera along with hopefully more cosplays and cons, I currently and am happy to save and pay for this out of my own pocket however with the help of a patreon i could totally get things going faster and let you get the content you want! I WANNA BE THE BEST, THE VERY BESTTTTTTT

What can you expect by being a Patron?

Many people have offered to support me in the past, and I feel like Patreon is the best way for them to do so. I love the idea of giving back to you guys!!

- Help me choose my projects
You can also help me pick which cosplay I'll do next! You're input is invaluable to me
- Exclusive Content
Selfies, Videos, Photoshoots, BTS photos, gifs, 
- Video Chats and personal vids
For some paying patrons, I will be offering group chat rooms for you to talk and get to know me LETS GEEK OUT YAASSS or if you're a shy lil bean I'll make a video just for you!
- Snapchat 
I will add you to my personal snapchat where I will snap you things, myself, progress on my cosplay, random dogs I see and other cute things I'm up to,I will reply to your snaps and we can chat there! (plz remember to give your username in the Snapchat roll call post) 
So how does this work?
Throughout the month I will update with new shoots, photos, videos, updates and more. At the end of each month I will send out any prints, fansigns, email any photo sets! Also i want to keep you alllll so as a reward if you stay pleadged for a full year (to any tier)  you will recieve a goody bag from me <3 

Rewards will be sent out during the first week of every month, after I've received everyone's payments.

3% complete
I can afford to maybe some simple costest photos ❤️ (Vote will help me pick)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts

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