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is creating Video tutorials! Armor, prop weapons, custom knives and cutlery

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      This is called the Squirrel Tier because I often work like a Squirrel, jumping from project to project, a bit hyper, a bit absent minded, but always preparing and gathering!


      Being an artist is all about trial and error, in this tier I'll be sharing more about my methods, troubles you will meet along the way and ways to overcome them. This pages will include more uncut, unfiltered photos and videos of my day work! 

     There are so many small challenges to overcome, so many things that add up to countless hours to problem solve that could be remedied with just a few tips and advice. 


      I am an artist on a budget, not an expert with endless resources, and the advice will help those in the same situation figure out the tools they need without breaking the bank! 


     This will help tier will help me better budget time for teaching as it is VERY time consuming but also very rewarding.


     If you believe in me, want to see some cool stuff beyond the polished social media, and if you want to be a small part in my success every little bit DOES help, and every donation whether one time or monthly is very appreciated! 


     Want to join me on this journey?

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     This tier is meant for those looking to really help me and my shop grow. The thing most often in the way of me being able to devote more time into my craft are the simple expenses of running a shop. Wondering how to pay for the next patch of belts or those little expenses that add up to a large sum. 

      So in order to show my thanks for those who join this tier, once a month I will send you a small handmade piece forged from brass, steel, copper, aluminium, bronze or crafted from wood. 

     It's a way for me to be able to truly take time away from the concerns of life, sit down, and just make a custom art piece.

     Those that sign up for this tier will truly help me grow as well as support my shop on a much bigger level. I appreciate any and all support! And I will show my thanks with a trinket from me to you on it's way to you every month :)

     Want to join me for this experience?

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

**I will only use your shipping address to send you your custom pieces and a personal note **




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    Hello! :D My name is Leon Vanguard and I created Vanguard Smithing with the help and inspiration of friends but most often work solo on projects with the skills learned from years of practice and some great teachers!
    You may know me from Forged in Fire in History Channel, my YouTube Channel, or social media! 
    My small shop is funded solely through custom commissions which leaves little time to do videos and exploratory content, with your help I can set aside more time to do videos and tutorials to show how you too can make beautiful pieces in carbon steel, aluminium, steel and leather! Any donation helps :D And with your donation please message me your requests on any how too's so I can better help you!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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