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About Vantage Point Video

Vantage Point Video is the vehicle for Senan O'Connor to publish his Classic Car, Restoration and Motorsport Videos. VPV was started in 2004 when Senan began filming the Motorsport Ireland Hillclimb and Sprint Championship and up to 30 rallies per year. It became well known when a video of Senan's best friend Simon McKinley went viral on youtube surpassing over a million hits. He has continued to film Motorsport Ireland Sprints and Hillclimbs and more recently has started publishing Classic Car and Motor Home Restoration Videos. He has sustained this business by doing promotional work for other companies and organisations, but this means he has less time and resources to work on his most entertaining content. Through the model of Patreon he hopes to move towards exclusively working on this creative content, to increase the production quality of his videos and perhaps even expand the Vantage Point Video team to include more people.
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