is creating World of Warcraft UI's, Youtube Videos, Twitch streaming

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Simple Patron
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You'll be supporting a simple guy that is physically disabled making ends meet.

You'll gain access to the google sheets I use to track what WoW UI's I have completed/Have yet to complete.

I'll add your name to the description and end screen (If I have time to make one) of my future videos.

Simply supporting me
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This tier provides you with nothing, just here for those who wish to support me (and feed my energy drink addiction) and make life for a guy who is disabled and unable to work a little bit easier.
My personal Discord (And previous tier)
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You'll gain all benefits of previous tiers, alongside:

My personal Discord and you can message me any time. I'll give you support for any UI's of mine you have downloaded, or advice on classes I generally play in WoW. But do keep in mind I don't play every class/spec.




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I'm a simple 21 year old physically disabled guy just trying to find ways to increase my income. I try to provide services with my tiers, of which you can read in the tier section.

I mainly play Blizzard games, specifically WoW. I am a part of <The Boosted Few> on Ravencrest and we raid Mythic level content. I play whatever the team needs, so I rarely ever main anything. I always have 2+ alts highly geared, but I always keep myself educated on all classes and specs as I go over our logs for analysis.

I do plan on making videos for BFA, which may include: Class guides, boss guides, M+ guides and whatever else I am feeling up to.
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