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First off, thank you for watching all the video content we produce. We work very hard to bring you informational and quality material in hopes you will learn and grow just as we have. As I'm sure you can imagine, the cost to purchase equipment and produce videos can get a bit pricy at times. We truly want to continue bringing you reviews and informational videos that matter. However, I this is having a big impact on our account. I will continue earring and spending a large portion of money on the videos we continue to produce, but it's come to a point that we sure could use a little assistance month to month.
If you sign up for $10 a month, after 3 months I'll mail you a copy of the Savage Rifle Build DVD set. This is just under 4 hours of footage, everything from Lathe Work to the first shot! 
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Providing Quality Video Content
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This will help me continue to bring the community informational video content and upgrade many of the reloading tools and supplies you all want to learn more about, plus it helps keep this channel alive and moving forward. This will also allow us to purchase many of the items you as viewers have requested for review. 
Personal shooting and reloading tips
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For this amount I'll be able to:
  • Continue providing high quality videos
  • Provide more detailed product reviews on new equipment
  • Email responses to reloading questions and shooting tips.
  • Anyone who stays a Patreon for 3 months will get a copy of the Savage Rifle Build DVD series.  
$174 of $500 per month
This seems like an expensive goal to me, but making videos and purchasing Bullets, Powder, Primers, Updating Camera and Editing Equipment etc. adds up so fast. Any assistance would truly be appreciated. We really want to continue bringing you videos and moving our channel and business forward. We invite you along! 
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