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Love Gaming?  Love watching slightly campy-English guys' Gaming videos?  Then Veggie Gamer is the channel for you!  I put out gameplay videos out daily between Monday and Friday and vlogs / news videos on the weekend.

"Why does this guy need a Patreon account?" you may be asking - currently, I only have very little money coming in and a LOT of money going out.  On top of that, even though I love making these videos, the cost of games, software and hardware can make it difficult to sustain (and without help, maybe not a long-term channel).  I want to bring you guys the best content in using the greatest products I can.

Example - Many have been asking for newly released AAA games!  I would love to be able to do this, but it is dangerous for me to commit that amount of money without support.

So the long-short of it - you will continue getting the same amount of videos as you do now, but if you feel you can afford maybe a dollar or two it would mean the world to me and mean I can commit even more of my time and own cash towards the channel!

Thanks for reading and as always - I'm the Veggie Gamer and I'll see you next time!!
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