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About VendettaDevelopment

Hello! We are a team of beginning developers who aspire to improve the efficiency of Minecraft servers. MineCraft began as a sandbox Gamemode and may seem limited to many- but upon opening your eyes in to the other side of the game, you begin to see different aspects that make an enjoyable game such as development and staffing. As a team, we aspire to keep this alive and overall improve server advancements.
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Give a small yet extremely generous and helpful donation. $1 can honestly go so far and help us create even more incredible plugins.
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By donating $5, we’d be able to expand our team and create a new variety of minecraft plugins. Again, $5 can go a long way and we thank you massively.
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As we are a beginning and upcoming development team, our goal is to raise a small amount of money to start us off with creating new and exciting plugins!
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