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Hello my darklings! I am Venus de Vilo a Horror themed musician, draw-er of strange and gorey pictures, mopey goth and all-round bad influence on.. everyone, really! I come from Dublin, Ireland and long for world-domination, an endless supply of cheap wine and the ability to spend every rotten minute on this Earth creating new music and evil illustrations FOR YOU GUYS without having to stack shelves or work in an office anymore... Because the world needs a daily dose of grim good fun and adorable darkness. I have made my plea, I place my art in your greedy little hands, do with it what you will! xXx
$1 of $1 per song, comic book, illustration, lyrics
Sketch books and the necessary drawing pens to sketch with so that I may continue drawing my album art work, monthly horror zines and art-work gifts for the fans... Art supplies are surprisingly expensive, which is funny as only penniless artists would ever need to buy said art supplies! 
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