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Welcome to the path of Satanism ~ I am Venus Satanas, and I discovered Satanism back in 1992. It changed my life in so many good ways. I started sharing my journey in Satanism through writing for the Spiritual Satanist website in 2004. Since then, many people have found their way to Satanism through my videos and websites.

I started producing videos on Satanism in 2007, at my Youtube channel, where I discussed Satanic practice and beliefs. Also, I started a blog on Satanism in 2009 to discuss important issues for Satanists. In 2009, I was published in Women's Voices in Magic, (at Amazon), a book about the lives of women involved in the occult. And, in 2017, I created the Left Hand Path Books blog to review and showcase some of the best educational resources for Satanists available today.

I  promote independent Satanism, I do not have a group or organization. I believe that independence is the essence of the spirit of Satanism. It is my hope that others can learn about Satanism through my video series here at Patreon.

For over 13 years I have provided inspiration, education and knowledge on the Satanic path. You can help support my work in Satanism by becoming a patron today. I want to thank my friends and fans for making it all happen!

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