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About Veronica

Hi everyone! Im a painter and illustrator from Spain living in Berlin, Germany. I make abstract works, with a lot of different colours and shapes. Even though my style is constantly evolving, the same way I do, I really love what I do and I know theres people out there that love them too. I hope you can support me in my creative process and I promise to give back with content which you will enjoy. You can check out my work here See you around Patreon!
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Hello! I am an abstract artist, focusing on paintings and illustrations. Despite how much I love to paint and draw, I am not able to work on my art as much as I wish I could.

I am struggling to find the space to store my paintings as well as to work on new, bigger ones. With your help, I could rent out a studio where I can work freely and work entirely on my art. If you like my work you can reach out or support me, thanks!
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