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You can also view updates and design choices for upcoming dolls, as well as, progress shots of their development.
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A bit about me.

I have been working on art all my life, but up until the end of high school, I never took it seriously. In my last year as a senior I realized that there was so much beyond just doing art.. there was so much more I could do. In college I took a strong interest in stop motion animation and the fabrication aspect. Building a character, I take a dream and pluck it from my head and make it real. I can then breath life into this dormant monster and set it free only bound by my own imagination... what more could I ask for?

That's where you come in!

Animation in any form is hard and time consuming. Taking a doll or puppet and moving it minutely to capture motion from frame to frame uses a lot of free time. A single character in a non moving back ground took 11 hours to  give 30 seconds of choppy movement. I would need at least triple that time to make it smooth. Not to mention that building a set also costs money, as does replacing parts that break on a doll in the animation processes. Materials can be expensive, time can be expensive and for a labor of love, you're willing to sacrifice those things to do it... but its hard when you don't have them to begin with.

I also wish to continue making art dolls that have the ability to be posed in random positions. Creatures just begging to be released from my mind and shared with others so perhaps they can find new homes and new stories. I want to move beyond just selling them online few and far between. I wish to travel to conventions and have an art table to sell in person, or even attend Ren Faires and sell them as a traveling curiosities vendor... a procurer of rare creatures. 

My friends told me about this site and that I should make one to find others who share a similar passion and wish to help launch mine from the ground. I am starting this Patreon account to help towards achieving my dreams and sharing them with the world.
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I would like to start creating dolls that light up but not have to deal with the frustration of changing batteries when they run out of juice. I am currently attempting to prototype a working circuit that drives an LED with an on and off switch and a USB charger. I want to start building these into the core of the dolls to light up parts and peices including fiber optics to transferlight.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts

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