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$2 might not seem like a lot, but it really adds up. Your support, however big or small, goes a really long way. Thank you so much for supporting my content!

  • Access to the Very Merri patron channel and role on Discord!
  • Early access to new videos here on Patreon a day before they release!

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Gain access to various rough drafts, script ideas, concepts, and rough cut videos here on Patreon! Also get your name in the credits of every video I put out!

  • All previous tiers, plus...
  • Behind the scenes info, pictures, and videos!
  • Get your name in the credits of my videos!
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Every month you'll be able to join in on a private stream session where we can play games together, talk about what's coming up next, chill as I edit, or just talk about anything and everything. You also get a bronze star next to your name in video credits!

  • All previous tiers, plus...
  • A monthly private stream / game session with Merri! 
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About Merri

Hello, there!

I'm Joe, a content creator on YouTube, as well as a streamer on Twitch. This Patreon is here simply as a means to help continue to put out the content that you (hopefully) have come to enjoy! Sadly, as the adpocalypse continues on YouTube, earning revenue on that platform has become increasingly more difficult. The Patreon here definitely serves as a means provide a more stable source of income for me to continue working hard at putting out more and more videos!

Thank you so much for swinging by the Patreon, regardless of your intentions. Your support means the absolute world to me, and without you guys, none of what I do would be even remotely possible. I don't have much else to tag in here, other than again thanking you for all you do. I can only hope that I continue to put out content that lives up to your expectations! 

$207 of $400 per month
With this goal, I'll be able to focus entirely on YouTube and Twitch. This will allow me to put out at least one short or how-to guide every month, as well as weekly YouTube content! 
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