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Lanternsharks possess bioluminescent organs called photophores which means they are glowing Alien Sharks! 
Like a Lanternshark, this donation level may seem small (in fact the smallest shark in the world is the Dwarf Lanternsahrk) but it makes a HUGE impact! 
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Cookie-cutter Shark
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Did you know there's two species of Cookie-cutter sharks? So why not act like the genus Isistius and double down! You will get all the perks from above plus...
  • Name a species you love, and your social media thank you will include one fun fact about that shark. 
Flat Sharks
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Flat sharks need love too! They're not true sharks but rather, batoids- a close cousin to the true sharks. Batoids includes skates and rays, many of which are exposed to conservation threats that are more critical than the status of most true sharks. Donating at this level allows for serious boost in my outreach efforts.  You will get all the perks from above plus...
  • Enter a contest to have me speak virtually to a classroom of your choosing!




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About Vicky Vásquez

Hi Everybody!

  I'm Vicky and I'm a graduate student at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML). I am pursuing a Master's in Marine Science with a focus on chondrichthyans and ecology through MLML's Pacific Shark Research Center (PSRC). When I am not working on my thesis or one of my part-time jobs, I donate my time towards science communication. I am able to accomplish this outreach work through social media as well as in-person events. Donating to my Patreon helps me communicate my science to a wider audience! If you can't support financially (no worries, I've been there... well I am there- grad school) you can still make a HUGE impact by spreading this page around. Thank you!!!!

Best Fishes, 
Vicky Vásquez
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Grad school is hard! And studying species with very little information currently available is exciting but can be a daunting challenge. I believe the ups and downs of grad school plus the things I learn along the way make for a fascinating story! With $500/month I can begin a video blog to take supporters along with me on this scientific journey to study Lost Sharks aka Alien Sharks. 
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