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You'll have the opportinity to be a part of the creative process from the beginning - reading in real time, seeing the art, travel and photographs that have inspired the love story, giving feedback, talking with me about the characters and their backgrounds, what's in their hearts... learning what no other readers will know.




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About Victoria Dougherty

          Bringing magic back into the world one post at a time!

No sarcasm. No cool. I just want to bring magic back into your world one post at a time. With crafted, original stories that do more than distract and entertain. They leave you feeling something, believing in more than what meets the eye.

Wild, brutal, sublime, beautiful. Worth every word.

I come from the ultimate Cold War family – we're talking daring escapes, backyard firing squads, communist snitches, aching love stories, wretched marriages and bone-chilling cold. So, I know a little bit about big stories and what they can mean in our lives.

They help us see ourselves anew. Like looking through a warped piece of glass and laughing at how we can look short and fat when we tip it this way and noodle-skinny when we tip it that.

Only it's a way of looking at your soul instead of your love-handles. 

My stories are true, made up and everything in between. They’re about love. Love served cold. Of getting caught in history’s massive tailwind and blown to the other side of the world, yet despite everything, discovering the meaning of faith and love. They are about the real-life magic that happens when we open ourselves to grief and dreams and destiny. 

And that's what we're doing here. 

So who am I, anyway, that I think I can do such a thing?

I'm the author of The Bone Church, Welcome to the Hotel Yalta, The Hungarian and Cold. And I write fiction, drama, and essays that revolve around lovers, killers, curses, and destinies.

I got the idea for writing short essays when my Modern Love piece was published in the New York Times a few years ago. It was about my relationship with my mother and how it changed when I had an infant born with cancer. I received so many heartfelt letters from readers telling me all about what my story had meant to them. How it had changed their perspectives and their lives.

I thought maybe I was onto something and started my blog, COLD, which features my short essays on faith, family, love, and writing fiction.

Before long, all sorts of people started reading and I got even more letters and comments. WordPress, the blogging platform that hosts some 70 million blogs worldwide, even singled out COLD as one of their top Recommended Blogs by writers or about writing.

I’ve had a mother write to me about the child she lost in childbirth – the utter devastation of that event made bearable by crazy moments of levity. Like when her family broke into her hospital room at 3:00 am and an impromptu party ensued. Yes, even after the death of an infant. Sometimes our best times are during our worst, and I like to celebrate that.

Readers tell me about the haunted house they live in, and the way the spirits whisper for them not to be afraid. It is such a privilege to be privy to a virtual stranger’s greatest fears, heartbreaks, most gushing stories of romance, confused tears, anger, yearning, loneliness. Private, beautiful stories that honor the special relationship between a writer and her readers. That transcend the page. It is the most fulfilling part of doing what I do, and it means a lot to me that so many of you are willing to share with me parts of your own journeys.

Why Patreon?

Because my master plan is to re-introduce meaning into our lives. In short star bursts and long-blazing red giants. With words that feel like a kick in the gut and pictures that make you stare. It's a powerful combination that takes you in to that mile deep and inch wide place. It's the polar opposite of a Kardashian.

But I can't do this alone. Writers not only need readers, but we need to buy things, too. Like cover art, research, great editors and designers, computer programs, and even the occasional microphone for videos, vlogs, and book trailers among other things. And my work takes time. Time for me to write and for you to experience. Like a great love affair, a war, a history, any idea worth contemplating.

And readers are patrons. Not only with the odd dollar, but with dedication and passion. You badger your friends, families and libraries about good books that need to get read, and without you, the world would be a much less interesting and meaningful place. 

Thanks for visiting me on Patreon and helping to spread the magic,

$17 of $2,400 per Essay or Work of Fiction

I'm creating an epic series about true love. It's for my daughters, my son, my husband, and anyone who has ever stumbled, ached, longed-for, and believed in beauty, honor, and destiny. In that intangible something that takes flight at a glance. Is sealed by a touch. Burned into a soul by a single breath.

This is a long-term project. As big as a love affair. It will be visual and prolific, spanning several books and novellas. Audio books and original art work will also be a part of the series, and I want you to be part of the magic from the ground up. 

My work is crafted, detailed and time-consuming. I do not cut corners in order to expedite publishing. Your pledge will go towards historical research that will support the story and its corresponding art work.

One more thing - and this is important - once the goal has been achieved, I will donate one-third of it to CAMP HOLIDAY TRAILS. That's $800, if you're math-challenged, like me.

What does Camp Holiday Trails do that's so great? It's a traditional rustic camp at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central VA, that since 1973 has provided over 10,000 kids with special health needs the opportunity to experience a positive camp experience. The campers are age 5-17, and are welcomed from throughout the United States
Why do I care about Camp Holiday Trails? Because my daughter is a camper there, and I'm over the moon that she's able to have a safe and fun camp experience just like regular, run-of-the-mill, everyday kids.

I will forever appreciate your help in giving support  both to great creative work, and to this unique, non-profit organization. Thank you!
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