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About Vida Vision

Hey, I'm Miguel I'm an aspiring Photographer / Film Maker. I took a break from the regular life, left my job and  now i need your help to hunt some awesome projects with a backpack on the road.

It would be amazing to have you on board as a Patreon sponsor so i can create this content, don't be afraid to reach out and send me an e-mail [email protected]

If you love adventures, secret places and sunny Spain, please consider pledging as little or as much as you like to help me support the ongoing travel and production. Pledges are in Euro and are per month.

Don't forget to check the bottom of this page for the rewards you can receive for pledging!

You can see my work on my photo portfolio.

What I Do
There is no office, I do my work on the road, be it find new places and faces or stay a bit longer to photograph or produce a documentary about the fascinating people i find along the road.

Clicking the shutter is the easy part; The places i go and people i meet can some times involve many sensitive situations both physical, political or emotional. I always act professionally with the people & responsibly with the images.

Editing also happens on the road, some times i get to take a brake from the adventure and i can work on making it presentable for you to enjoy :)

Why am I asking for your support? I don't make any steady income on the road and also make no money from posting on social media. Patreon is an easy way for people to show their appreciation and help me create more photography and videos for you. By supporting content creators on Patreon, you’re directly helping that person make new, INDEPENDENT content - they don’t have to constantly sell their audience to advertisers or make their content “advertiser-friendly” just to get by!
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