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About Vifs

Welcome nerds! So what's going on with this whole thing then? Who knows~?

Basically two things, video game streams, and video game development streams/blogs, oh boy! At first I was trying to stream development almost every day, and I was just getting burned out between that and work I was programming 60-70 hours a week. 

So for the most part I'll be streaming video games on week days, and programming on the weekend, but this isn't a hard fast rule.

So what about the game I'm making? Think FTL mixed with Oregon Trail. I'll admit I don't have much video game development experience, but I have a solid understanding of software engineering. Part of the goal of what I'm doing is to help show people how to program and how to do video game development.

So what about what games I'm streaming? Mostly 3PLs, more commonly called action RPGs, but that term is too vague for me. and I think Third person looter(s) is a better term. Might stream other things from time to time, but this is mostly what it's going to be.

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