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About VikingEVM

Welcome to my Patreon page !

What i make:
-GTA San Andreas Machinimas (ex. the Zombie Series)
-ArmA 3 Machinimas (ex. Leviathan)
-Random gaming videos

Since there were some people who wanted to contribute i decided to set up a Patreon page in case. 

Making machinimas requires a lot of time, and also there are some resources for movies out there, such as soundtracks and effects that cost more than an AAA game in Australia.

Eventual patrons would, with their donations, basically:
-Contribute in getting sountracks and video effects
-Contribute in organizing giveaways and getting games to stream
-Reward my time and effort
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You are a very smart person who knows who to support, and i thank you for that! ^^

You also get two very little things:

-"Jarl" role on Discord server

-Early access to Patreon posts

Includes Discord rewards
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