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I'm a writer and I've been working on my series which is pretty much going to be my life's work at this point. It can be broken down into four main sections each with their own books and unique characters. 
The first part of the series which is affectionately called 'the Preature series' is already more than half way completed. It's only going to be a two part section, but the first book is officially published and you can look it up on Amazon to get the ebook for only $6, or a physical copy for about $20 (Prices aren't set by me). 

Preature Series
Hunters of Hahl - Officially Published!
Story of the Fury Boy - 20k Words

Emperor Series (Set a couple thousand years after the story of the fury boy)
Draco the Lightning Knight
Draco the Lightning Knight part II 
Kay Series (Set directly after the Emperor Series)
Unnamed series about a boy named 'Kay' living in the fallout of the events from 'Draco the Lightning Knight' 
(There may be a few of these)

The SoulKeeper Series

Hunters Of Hahl
A hundred years ago 'The Great Dahrk Village' was destroyed by an enormous monster known as Preature. Since then the survivors have been divided and broken down into various wandering tribal groups. Aldra single father and lead hunter of the Hahls has control over the tribe during their harshest period. Population count is down, there are fewer hunters every cycle and his closest friends The Elites have all but perished. He must do what needs to be done for the survival of the tribe, but how far will he go?
He meets with the Fury Pride, and the Dahrk Clan to form alliances in hopes of finally killing the great beast Preature in hopes of reforming the once great Village that was lost so long ago. 

The Story of the Fury Boy
After the Fall of the Preature, and the rise of the new village of the Blackhahls, it seems as though peace has come to the three tribes finally. 
but not really

Draco The lightning Knight
The long war between the Lightning Knights and the Lithium empire is reaching its final moments. In mere moments Captain Draco and his soldiers will be defeated by his Rival the Commander of the Lithium empire, at it will soon open the flood gates to an even bigger war as the Emperor seeks even greater power. After spending some time running away from the battle, the fighting eventually catches up to him and Draco must fight a war he doesn't believe in. 

Kay Series
After the devastating losses made on all sides of the Lithium War, all sides that survived go back to lick their wounds and mend relationships with other nations. Former allies of the emperor and mercenary group the 'Angelos' are now the greatest military force and technological leaders in the world and are on the hunt for powerful war survivors. Born as grandchildren of the evil Emperor and children of war hero's who opposed him, a pair of twins come into the world hoping only to live peacefully.

SoulKeeper series
Evil persists, the hero we thought would defeat this new threat has failed and since the SoulKeeper has become the new Emperor. A being so strong he brings old hero's and villains back to life to serve in his army. The remaining old hero's are becoming far too old to fight the resistance, and are losing faith in finding anyone else to step up and take their place. Meanwhile in a small village far from the influences of the war, a group of four youngsters with no powers of their own discover a set ancient Clayton Steel weaponry and armors.  
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