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'ow do!?
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I'm just passing by...

Here you'll get any updates I drop into my Patreon blog and my constant thanks.

Though I won't email you my constant thanks daily as that may eventually upset you.
Here's my name!
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Well that is very kind.  You know what I've going to do know I'm going to stick your name right at the end of every one of my videos to let them know that you're a flipping Patreon.
I think we'll take a break
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You can't sing, you cant play, you look awful...You'll go a long way!

Well now that is really generous.  You're name is certainly going after my video.  If you don't mind could I put you down as a "Special Thanks" just to name drop?




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'ow do?

Villordsutch here.

So this is my Patreon page and it's primary goal is to be the funding source for my retrogaming love.  As anyone knows, who has watched any of my videos before, I not the most professional of reviewers when it comes to my ZX81 or ZX Spectrum (and or other machine) videos, but I do like to have fun with what I've got. 

I'm looking to expand my collection, introducing new elements, investing in new hardware for the channel as well as software.  This is what my simple Patreon page is for, nothing massive, nothing groundbreaking, just to get a capture card here, games there etc.

Take a look at the limited rewards to see if anything tickles your fancy.

Anyone that does stop by and drops in a few pennies etc. thank you.

$0 of $140 per month
Right first step is an Elgato Capture card at £160 over on Amazon UK.  I've already got £40 banked on Amazon so I'm a few steps there already.

If anyone would like to look at it -

Having this will allow me to capture rather perfectly from classic machines (PS2, SNES etc) and it will look rather beautiful.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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