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Tier 1
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Each Villager at the $1 will get to view some upcoming reaction videos sooner then non-patron villagers! (shhhh please keep them a secret!!) Each $1 Patron gets 1 point to join an alliance to get there songs reviewed!!

Tier 5
per month

Each Villager at the $5 will get 2 points to join one of the alliances for getting their song reviewed!! Also the outtakes from the interviews we do will be available!!

Tier 10
per month

Each Villager at the $10 will be given 4 points for joining an allience to get their song reviewed!! Also they will be placed in a drawing to have their questions answered upcoming band interviews!! 


392 of 500 patrons
Securing five hundred patrons would offset the cost of expenses over 3 months from building the channel.

1. Latest MacBook Pro
2. Professional Web Designer
3. Tech Equipment 
4. Studio Set up (lights, backdrop, etc)

Once this goal is secured we will then be able to move toward the next goal which is to get Vin to Go full time into Shaman Level at the village! 
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