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About Vioclipse

Welcome to my Patreon!

You can call me Violet, Vi, Vivi, whatever you would like! I enjoy drawing things from cute to creepy to whatever interested me. I love trying out new things and testing out different techniques and I'm always looking to improve!
My goal is to be able to focus more on my art and your support allows me to put the time into improving myself and providing more art for those that support me! Your support allows me to make these goals a reality!

By supporting me you get access to Patreon exclusive content, resources, sketch packs, art and many other things! Thank you for taking the time to check out my Patreon and I hope you consider supporting me and my goal for the future!

(Ps payment is charged upfront so no one is startled!)
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New Moon
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✦Access to a patreon only Discord chat (message me to join!)

 ✦ Access to patreon only bases, where applicable 

  ✦ Access to select other bases

✦Wips/sketches and adopt previews

Includes Discord rewards
Half Moon
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 ✦1 guaranteed sketch pack a month

✦Suggest the sketch packs you want to see

✦ Preview adopts!
✦All bases released that month 

✦All previous rewards

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Full Moon
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 ✦1 bust sketch a month

 ✦Early claims where applicable 

 ✦All previous rewards

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Partial Eclipse
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 ✦Monthly flat colour half body

✦Access to all terms rewards

 ✦Be featured on my Deviantart page 

✦All Previous rewards

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Total Eclipse
Limited (4 remaining)
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 ✦Fully rendered half body commissions (excludes previous rewards half body as this is an upgrade)

✦All previous rewards 

Includes Discord rewards
1% complete
When I reach this goal I'l guarantee to put our 2+ patreon only bases a month rather than just the guaranteed one
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