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is creating Horror Narrations, Facts, Debunking videos, and the occasional l
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About Virgil Scott

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. A little introduction.

My name is Virgil Scott, and if you have come here, it's probably from my YouTube channel. As you may have noticed, there's a variety of stuff on there. In the long run I'll be running four series:

DARK TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS, a horror narration series:

RANDOM THOUGHTS, a series about whatever topic tickles my fancy at the time, from films, politics, culture in general. Personal stuff even, only I try to make these funny, to bring some levity to the channel.

THE CURIOSITY CABINET, a fact based show about a variety of topics, from prehistoric creatures, to natural disasters, to true crime, and even to popular hoaxes.


IS IT BULLSH!T?, a show about plenty of the nonsensical things that we believe in despite evidence proving, or at least making a strong possibility, that they're false (Bermuda Triangle, Vaccines Cause Autism, and so on).



Currently don't have any. The only one I can think of is if I get to a certain point I would hire an editor for The Curiosity Cabinet and True Crime Files episodes, because that would alleviate some of the burden, since on top of editing, I have to research, write, rewrite, and edit them. 

Again, thanks for checking out my Patreon page. And an even bigger thank you if you decide to pledge. 

p.s. one time donations can be sent here:

thanks again,

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