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About me.

Hello and welcome to my Patron page. My online name is "ViridSpy5", and Am a "Twitch" Streamer .

Why should I pledge to you?

Honestly, you don't have to. I have a Patreon to make it easy for my followers to support me in any way, instead of dealing with donations via PayPal. Only pledge if you feel like my streams (Or myself), is deserving of your hard earned money. Remember, you gotta eat too!

Will anything be Patreon exclusive?

Nope! I don't want to paywall my videos or streams, So what I post on my Twitch Channel Will be the same here as well.

How much should I Give if I do?

what ever you feel like pledging. Just don't break your bank because of me. Do know, that whatever amount you do pledge, that I am Very Thankfull that you would help me out in any way.
$0 of $500 per month
No real goals, other than try to Build a neato Gaming Tower :P
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