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Hi my loves! My name is Bri'Shanae (Bre-Sha-Nay) and I am a "digital nomad" using my savings to travel abroad with my dog and create my best life. I am a creative that is always thirsty to learn more and challenge myself. Travel has always been a big part of my life. I saved up for my travels when I was working corporate 80+ hours a week, but had become ill which took a toll on my bank account and my employment. My health is still not 100% but I am at a point where I can withstand travel. I cannot afford to waste anymore time or money towards doctors and career choices that are not benefiting me. I took a risk to pack up my life in a suitcase and travel with another mouth to feed and it is hard, but I have no regrets. This path is a path worth fighting and struggling for. All I want to do is be the best me that I can possibly be; healthy, polylingual, and skilled across the board. Travel teaches you in so many ways and I have learned to grow and roll with the punches as I go. There are so many benefits to travel and I want to document and share this with anyone open, willing, and ready to receive. This is only the beginning for me. I want to write more, film more, and create more. There is so much that I want to accomplish, but first is building security in long-term travel. I plan to provide multidimensional content from corporate to freelance, travel and personal experiences. I hope you join me for the journey and expand your horizons with me. I thank each and every one of you who choose to support me and share my story. 

My Blog:
IG: @VivaLaVida_BB
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