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About Vojislav Dimitrijevic

Hello and thank you for checking out my Patreon page!

My name is Vojislav Dimitrijevic and I am a 3D animator, teacher, musician, composer, video game developer, consultant, product reviewer, astrophotographer... Basically, I have insatiable curiosity regarding the world and people around and inside of us. I find the world to be an incredibly inspiring place and my mind is my main tool that sees problems as opportunities to learn something new. As such, I am always striving to challenge myself to reach new limits and learn new things.

My main creative outlets are currently three-fold:
1. VIDEO CREATION - You can follow my YouTube Channel to see my reviews of tech devices and synthesizer explorations, restorations etc.

2. VIDEO GAME DEVELOPMENT - I am also founder and CEO of my own indy video game development company. We're a tiny team of two people, but we work extra hard and have exciting projects in the pipeline and our first game is already out on Steam. Check out "Solar Explorer: New Dawn" on Steam, coming soon to mobile as well.

3. Finally, I do music, both under my own name, which you can check on Bandcamp and under pseudonym Angry Dwarf. Angry Dwarf is the name under which I have been doing and releasing Goa / Psy trance music for about 17 years now. You can hear more on Angry Dwarf Bandcamp Site.

These activities take a lot of time, because I do things with a lot of passion and I always try to give it my best. Unfortunately, pressures and responsibilities of everyday life always take priority over these things, but lately I have been getting a lot of good feedback and motivation from people around the world, which led me to opening this page.

With your support, I can focus more on working on creative content and exploration and offering it to the world, which is pretty much all I can wish for :)

So welcome, please do check out some of the links I have posted here and if you like what I do, please let me know. Purchases are nice, but kind words are equally as nice, if not even more so :)

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy my work!

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