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About Volo Press

What would you do if 20% of your adult family members couldn't read or write? 

The Den 
could help put an end to these, and other, horrifying statistics. But we need your help.  


I'm T. L. Curtis, CEO of Volo Press, LLC. I'm a native of Kentucky who finds herself in Georgia. I live near Decatur with my Caribbean husband and my two goofy dogs (Jake and Ruby). I love helping people about as much as I love writing (hence the masters degree in Social Work). After transitioning away from providing psychotherapy to people, I want to help people write their stories, even as I share my own. I am now a ghostwriter, proofreader, author, and bookworm. I have published three books so far (you can check them out by clicking here) and am preparing my fourth, The Genician, for publication in June. The Den is my vision for helping people learn to read and write and then enjoy doing it--all in the same facility! 

How Your Support Helps

By contributing to this cause you are helping me get The Den up and running as soon as possible.   

I may not be rich, but I've got plenty of elbow grease, so anyone who becomes a Patron is going to get something in return, whether it be a product or service that I can offer. 

Thank You

Your contribution is helping to solidify a movement that has the potential to help millions become more fluent in English, stronger readers, cleaner writers, and more appreciative of the beautiful words that are all around us every single day. Thank you! 

The Den
In its final stages, The Den will have the following attributes: 

♥ Stocked with classics, mainstream bestsellers, and books by local authors. 

♥ Facility accessible 24 hours each day via a smartphone app. 

♥ Around-the-clock security monitoring. 

♥ Automated 'smart' vending for books, snacks, writing utensils, paper, binders, etc. 

♥ Conference rooms (that can be rented through the app) for book clubs, writing groups, script readings, language classes, book signings, seminars, and other literature-related gatherings. 

♥ Individual offices for members to use for working on projects such as dissertations, novels, or business plans. 

♥ Reading and writing furniture and decor by local artisans for sale, such as writing tables and bookends. 

♥ A center courtyard to allow for outdoor reading and writing, complete with a pond, grassy hills, and trees, all enclosed in glass to protect from inclement weather. 

$0 of $500 per month
When a rate of $500 per month (that's just 20 Scribe Patrons!) is reached, a written update of the funding progress will be posted each quarter.
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